Media Practitioner | Educator | Consultant

I am a media specialist and creative technologist, who has worked on projects with the BBC, University of South Wales, Cardiff University, local government, theatre companies, small businesses, arts & heritage, and the youth sector, as a filmmaker, video editor, audio engineer, technical director, consultant, digital marketing creator, and educator, to name just a few.

This experience has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge in marketing and digital communications, filmmaking, audio production, photography, and in education, and I apply this to my own work as a creator, a consultant, and in my teaching as an independent media trainer.

My journey through the media landscape started at an early age. I had a keen interest in the visual arts (photography, film, TV) from the first time I saw a camera, and got to experiment with taking stills and video. This interest and my experience developed over time, getting my own camcorder and making short films, to taking stills with my Dad’s SLR camera, and with this experience I developed a passion for visual storytelling and media.

Though based in idyllic South West Wales, I work with clients from across the UK to bring their vision to life, whether this be through visual storytelling to promote businesses or to capture precious memories, helping to develop the next generation of content creators through professional training, or support in adapting to the ever changing media landscape.

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